This collection of poetry focuses on UFO sightings from different personas who integrate their encounter with a life already crisscrossed with issues from relationships, personal ambitions, and exploration of the self. Ashley Parker Owens is a writer, artist, and UFO abductee living in Richmond, Kentucky, USA.  Buy Now

Other Chapbooks

  • Dancing Girl Press, 2018
  • Puppet, Rinky Dink Press, 2018





Portfolio, Kolaj Artist Directory, Kasini House, 2017


PRHBTN Exhibition 2018
Lexington Art League, Loudoun house, Lexington KY
10/26-11/18, 2018

Women of Appalachia Project, a traveling year-long exhibition 2018-2019

Monongalia Arts Center (WV)
Ohio University Southern (OH)
Baker University Center (OH)
Ohio University (OH)

Women of Appalachia Project, a traveling year-long exhibition 2017-2018

Ohio University Southern (OH)
Parkersburg Art Center (WV)
Multicultural Gallery, Baker University Center (OH)
Pump House Center for the Arts (OH)



“Vine on the Storm,” Hungry Chimera, Issue 3, December 2017

“Desert Flower,” Darling Dahlia Anthology, Summer 2017

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“Arm Swan,” Picture Issue, Ilanot Review, 2018


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“Dinosaur,” “Winter Dragonfly,” “Moth on a Cold Day,” Sliver of Stone, 2018

A Wild Word Anthology, Berlin, 2018

Portraits, Alternating Current Press, 2018

“Wish,” “Empty,” “Hurt,” “Hubris,” “Lost,” and “Wait,” Volume 4 of The American Journal of Poetry, 2018

“Decoy,” “Sorrow Sorry,” and “Heavy,” Cream City Review, 2018

“Flowers in the Storm,” “Two Orbs,” The Helix Magazine, 2018

“Dog,” Picture Issue, Ilanot Review, 2018


“Salt Lick,” Honorable Mention, 14th Annual International Ultra-Short Competition, The Binnacle at The University of Maine at Machias, 2017

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“Birds in a Storm,” and “Green Plant on an Orange Landscape,” Barking Sycamore, 2017

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“Ginger Road Brown,” “Nice Brown Road,” and “On the Road Purple,” Escapism Magazine, summer 2017

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“Old Telon Rd.,” Five 2 One Magazine online, December, 2016 (text & audio formats)

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“Reasons for The Deluge,” “Grey Eagle,” “Shilombish,” “Kuterastan,” Message in a Bottle, October Autumn Issue, 2015

“Her Lip Is Blue,” “Angels,” “Three More Bags,” “Christmas Dinner,” On the Grid, onthegridzine.wordpress.com, March 5, 2015


“Rabbit Ears,” Tinderbox Magazine, 2014

“Cele,” The Lorelei Signal, April 2014, and Mystic Signals, May 2014

“Tinnitus Fades,” “In the City, I Try to Sleep,” “At Random Intervals,” Boston Poetry Magazine, http://bostonpoetry.wordpress.com, July 2014

“Ballistic Fugue,” The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society, December 2014

Breaking,” egg poetry,  April 29th, 2014

Older works

“Foy,” Imaginarium, January 2013

Hogglepot, 2013

Rose Red, 2013

“Cele,” Quail Bell, 2013


Gnome Harvest, 2006, Double Dragon Publishing, Canada


KY Story — Indie editor and publisher of anthologies that prefer the Southern, Appalachian, or Kentucky voice.  2012-2016

Published Works:

  • Nuoc Mam 2016
  • Road Story 2016
  • Lavender Bluegrass – LGBT Writers on the South 2016
  • Empty Nest 2016
  • Waiting for O.T. (chapbook) 2016
  • Family Wreath (chapbook) 2016
  • Swan River Daisy (chapbook) 2016
  • Terrible Little Stars (chapbook) 2016
  • 921b Elysian Fields (chapbook) 2015
  • Neo-Legends to Last a Deathtime 2015
  • Getting Old 2015
  • Bully April 2015
  • Motherlode 2014
  • Appalachian Voice 2014
  • Redacted Story 2014
  • Offbeat Christmas Story 2013
  • Scary Story 2013
  • Dysfunctional Family Story 2013
  • Funny Story 2013
  • Urban Fantasy 2013
  • Soldier Story 2013
  • Poetic Story 2013
  • Peripheral Sex Story 2013
  • Appalachian Story 2013
  • Kentucky Flash Story 2012
  • Kentucky Her Story 2012

Global Mail—1990-1995
Participated in the international mail art scene, originating and publishing the quarterly Global Mail newsletter.

Underground Press Conference—1995
Planner, organizer, speaker, 2nd Underground Press Conference in Chicago


2007, Convergence, Speaker, Second Life (and In-World Conference)

2008, EKU State Wide Web Accessibility Symposium, Organizer, Speaker, Blackboard Accessibility

2008, Kentucky AHEAD, Speaker, Accessibility Challenges in University Web Environments

2009, BBWorld, Speaker, Blackboard Accessibility

Reach her at parker.owens@gmail.com or kystory.net.


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