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Working cover, The Magic Harvest, Middle Grade, 2023 release

The Magic Harvest, a middle-grade novel!

Two competing families, a farmyard contest, and a magical legacy that belongs to whoever can win it.

When Emma’s wizard father dies, her mother takes her and her sisters to a creaky old farmhouse deep in the countryside. But that’s not the only surprise—they soon encounter a secret second family that her father never told them about, along with half-brothers she’s never met.

The families are happy to read their father’s will and get on with their lives, but there’s a catch. The wizard’s magic tools are useless without a ceremony declaring a successor… and Wes has designed a contest to determine the winner.

Pitted against the other family in a challenge to show off their ability to do hard work by a series of farm tasks, Emma and her sisters must use all of their wits and determination to beat the boys and become the heir to their father’s magic. Emma is sure she’ll never win the contest… but will do everything in her power to win.

Summer 2023

Chakra Cat Coin – A techno-thriller!

In the future during the great resignation, the anti-work movement still struggles…

Kas is a nineteen-year-old high school graduate searching to train for an occupation, instead of attending college. For many, this new movement is better than remaining in the decaying cities from which they came. Focusing on the anti-work movement, crypto currency, and spiritual development as part of a master plan to remove himself from the corporate world and ensure their safety.   Kas and his friends join an apprenticeship; only Kas finds himself in a powerful role as he decides to limit the freedoms of his friends and stresses that spiritual and career development are worthwhile investments.

Cutoff from the rest of the world, Kas and the other employees become secluded in a harsh environment, and lose all contact with the outside world—including their families.  Plus, terrorist attacks are occurring on crypto farms, so their seclusion keeps attacks to a minimum.

However, as death and destruction begin to rise on the compound, Kas intentionally enlists the workers to rise against their oppressors and takes murderous action. But instead of success, the workers worry about their occupational future and worry they will be jailed. With the complex unpredictability of the cult-like world they are in, Kas and his friends must find a way to rise above the death and destruction that threatens to destroy them and the life they have created.

Discover this epic journey through a complex and unique perspective of human nature and our advanced technological world.

Science Fiction 2024
Magical Realism 2024