Ancestor Oracle Cards

Oracle cards are open ended and are often used in divination or for spiritual guidance. Tarot cards have specific meanings given to the cards, and specific, detailed spreads.

In many cases, items or clues are discerned in the image background. There is no one correct way to lay out or interpret the cards.

Before you draw a card, shuffle the deck and form a question in your mind.

Common spreads for Oracle cards are one card for a card of the day reading, or a past-present-future three card draw.

The Ancestor Oracle Deck has 32 cards in a paper box. In this unusual deck, the cards lay horizontally instead of vertically. The cards can be read as reverse meaning similar to tarot if you choose to lay the cards upside down.

Oracle decks can be used as prompts for further self-reflection or meditation. Some use oracle cards along with tarot readings to give an additional slant, reinforce a reading, or use the card as a representative of the questioner. In many cases, the oracle card is placed first on the table, face down, and the tarot cards are placed on top. The tarot cards are flipped and read before the oracle card. The entire tarot interpretation is given before the oracle card is revealed.

$75 a deck

Any of these cards can be made into artwork suitable for hanging, either with or without the prompt word or phrase. For more information, contact Ashley Parker Owens at