Gnome Stories Box Set Released

An exhilarating series of interwoven stories following unlikely heroes in their quest for freedom…

For centuries, hardworking Gnomes have toiled under the Ogre’s oppression. The Gnomes live in desperation, struggling to survive, while their dictators grow ever more powerful. Peace taken from their fantastical realm and replaced with fear.

Multiple paths have begun forming, leading to a quest for freedom. As an orphaned Gnome starts his journey, other destinies align to cross his path, forging hope for the future.

Desperate souls collide to change their world, empowered only by hope and companionship. Their adventure brings them face to face with liars and thieves, toe to toe with bigots and bullies, and head-to-head with their natural arch-rivals…

As the story unravels, more danger heads their way, battling through plagues and tribes to reach their goal. Will the Gnomes ever be free?

Books in the Gnome Stories set include:                                                                          

  1. Gnome Harvest
  2. Rosetta Gnome
  3. Trilogy of Shorts
  4. The Hollow Rigors of Gnome
  5. The Doll’s Eyes of Gnome

Want to know more on the process of creating a box set? Pop on over to Self-Publishing Review!

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