Hollow Rigors of Gnome released

One can run from destiny, but only in a circle—
Grass Hollow Grove is a garden in a parallel universe far removed—a land where gnomes and ogres work together to feed the masses. There lives Og, a gnome who lacks a green thumb. Instead, he has a mind for mechanics—a blessing and a curse.
When the Day Council offers to place him in the workhouse on the hill, he’s elated, even though it means he will need to leave his family. Soon he is working in a lab run by the Admiral of Misery, who rules the ogres. Og hopes to help his clan with agricultural advances like genetic modification and robotic workers.
Disturbing the fragile relationship between gnomes and ogres has a consequence. If he inadvertently renders the labor of gnomes obsolete, his clan will be eaten by the ogres.
Should he be successful in navigating a century-old pact and liberate the realm, he’ll need to draw upon his wit and forge unlikely allies.

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